UPerk is a community cultivating change through Christ’s love– for ALL people.

UPerk is more than just a downtown coffee shop. It’s a community. It’s where all kinds of people gather to study, to talk, to listen, and to figure out ways to make our city– the wonderful Tuscaloosa, AL– an even better place than it already is. We are a not-for-profit enterprise seeking partnerships with agencies and initiatives here in town. We are an epicenter of movements seeking peace and justice for our neighborhoods. While we are connected to First Presbyterian Church and its college ministry, UKirk, we want to be very clear that all people are welcome here. We believe the life and ministry of Jesus centered around his loving everyone around him, and we will seek to do the same at UPerk. No matter what you may feel or what you may believe, you are welcome here. No matter your faith background, you are welcome here. No matter your ideology or worldview, you are welcome here. No matter if you’re a ‘Jesus freak,’ a skeptic, a churchgoer, a church-hater, a doubter, a wanderer, you are welcome here.

We have a great team at UPerk, including our Community Managers and Staff!

Community Pastor/Director:
James Goodlet

Community Manager:
Jamey Hamm

Assistant Community Manager:
Jaye Lawson

Our Partners

UPerk has partnered with a number of community businesses, non-profits, individuals, and corporations to make our dream a reality, including:

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katie farms
Bell Media

Our Space

Interested in renting UPerk for an event? UPerk offers space for community events, gatherings, study sessions, and more! We’ll even cater! Contact us here to get started.


405 20th Avenue, Suite 2
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
(205) 553-8505
[email protected]